Daisy Animal Rescue Trust

Animal Rescue, Fostering, and Pet Adoption

Our Mission Statement

To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused animals.

Our Vision

To bring neglected and abused animals back to heath, both mentally and physically and to place them in loving homes for life.

We aim to achieve this vision by:

  • Providing the best care possible for those animals in need.
  • Promoting good animal welfare and responsible pet ownership by providing support, guidance and education to members of the public.
  • Raising overall standards of animal welfare in and around our communities and to be of assistance and to continue working hand in hand with other animal welfare organisations.

Our Values

  • We aim to provide advice, support and guidance for pet owners and increase the public's awareness of its responsibility towards animals in society.
  • We aim to find the right home for every animal in our care.
  • We endeavour to support anyone who needs help in caring for their pets.
  • We believe the emotional and physical well-being of every animal we rehabilitate is paramount.
  • We are proud of our non-judgmental and compassionate approach.
  • We value our volunteers, support staff and our public donors.
  • We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and highly committed in every aspect of our work.

Who We Are

D.A.R.T. was founded by Cheryl-Lyn Potgieter in 2015.

Cheryl-Lyn works tirelessly inside and outside of our community and informal settlements, combatting animal neglect and abuse, rescuing animals from the most horrific conditions day and night, 7 days a week, rehabilitating and re-homing, and all of this with her dwindling personal funds and donations from the public.

To this end, even her own private space is completely filled up with severe cases of abuse and neglect.

She is also called when deceased animals are found alongside roads and she will collect them and take them to a vet for possible identification.

She also, in consultation with our veterinarians, makes the heart rendering decision as to which animals are too far gone and need to be euthanased.

In her quest to help animals, Cheryl-Lyn has been bitten (most recently in the face), electrocuted when scaling a wall to help a stuck puppy, chased down by dogs, escorted into Du Noon by the SAPS or Law Enforcement to retrieve severe cases of neglect, tracked dogs for hours waiting for them to tire themselves out before she can “catch” them.

Daisy Animal Rescue Trust Pet Rescue and Adoption

Adopt a Pet

Here at Daisy Animal Rescue Trust we have an influx of unwanted and abandoned animals that desperately need your help.

These innocent animals have no idea what is happening to them, and if there is an army of unfeeling and uncaring people out there, then ranged on the other side is another army - an army of compassionate, caring, and generous people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to these wonderful creatures.

Please help us win this war by adopting your next pet.

Meet Harley

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Harley. We are in urgent need of a home for this male cat, approx.…

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Meet Trix

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Trix. We are in urgent need of a home for this female cat, approx.…

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Meet Cleo

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Cleo. We are in urgent need of a home for this female cat, approx.…

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Meet Diaz and Lu

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Diaz and Lu. Two female cats (approx. 2 yrs old) who were abandoned by…

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Meet Ginny

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Ginny A stray female kitten is currently living under a car in Mitchells Plain.…

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Meet Presley

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 12th December 2017

Meet Presley. A male stray found near President High School, Goodwood. We are in desperate…

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Meet Bella

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 11th December 2017

Bella (f) is about 3 months old. She was for sale on the side of…

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Meet Patrick

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 11th December 2017

Patrick (m) is 3 months old. We are in desperate need of a foster home,…

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Meet Tiger

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 11th December 2017

Tiger (m) is 3 months old. We are in desperate need of a foster home,…

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Are you Available to Foster a Pet?

Please let us know if you are willing to open your home to an animal in need, while we try and find it's forever home.

Support D.A.R.T.

Daisy Animal Rescue Trust is a non-profit organisation, and needs your help and generosity to keep up the good fight.

Whether it be food or money, blankets or your time, every little bit helps.

Please click the button below to learn more, or to make an online donation via our secure payment portal.

We Need Your Help

We desperately need new premises to house all the unwanted animals we have.

It will have to be a smallholding to meet the necessary requirements.

Keep an eye on our progress towards our target of R4'000'000 to achieve our dream.


Our Success Stories

At Daisy Animal Rescue Trust we never euthanise our strays. Ever!

So every time one of our orphans is adopted, it's a small and heartfelt victory in our fight against animal abuse and neglect.

Read all the wonderful stories about abandoned animals that have been adopted into warm and loving forever-homes!

Meet Bingo

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 8th October 2017

*UPDATE* Bingo has found his forever home 🙂 Bingo is a 8-months-old, male Shepherd X.…

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Meet Meagan

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 8th October 2017

**UPDATE** Meagan has been adopted! Meagan is a 2-years-old, female Jack Russell. She is sterilised…

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Meet Yoda

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 7th September 2017

**UPDATE** This amazing little dog was adopted along with Max by the same family! Meet…

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Meet Jack

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 7th September 2017

**UPDATE** Jack has been adopted! Meet Jack – a neutered male Jack Russell up for…

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Meet Ntomby

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 25th August 2017

**UPDATE** Ntomby has been rehomed. Meet Ntomby, a 3-year-old Female Pedigree Boxer. Must be the only dog.…

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Meet Pudding

By Daisy Animal Rescue | 23rd August 2017

** UPDATE ** This cutie has been rehomed! Pudding is a 4-months-old, female Pitbull x Border Collie.…

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Report Abuse

Cruelty towards animals, neglect, and abandonment are the harsh realities Daisy Animal Rescue Trust has to face on a daily basis.

Unforunately, we can't be everywhere all the time, and we need your help to report animal abuse or neglect if you see it happening in your neighbourhood

All tips are treated as highly confidential, and we work closely with the SPCA and the South African Police to ensure that the process is at all times professional and conducted within the law.

Contact D.A.R.T.

Contact Daisy Animal Rescue Trust for all general enquiries.

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