About Daisy Animal Rescue Trust

D.A.R.T. was founded by Cheryl-Lyn Potgieter in 2015. Cheryl-Lyn works tirelessly inside and outside of our community and informal settlements, combatting animal neglect and abuse, rescuing animals from the most horrific conditions day and night, 7 days a week, rehabilitating and re-homing, and all of this with her dwindling personal funds and donations from the public. To this end, even her own private space is completely filled up with severe cases of abuse and neglect.

She is also called when deceased animals are found alongside roads and she will collect them and take them to a vet for possible identification. She also, in consultation with our veterinarians, makes the heart rendering decision as to which animals are too far gone and need to be euthanased.

In her quest to help animals, Cheryl-Lyn has been bitten (most recently in the face), electrocuted when scaling a wall to help a stuck puppy, chased down by dogs, escorted into Du Noon by the SAPS or Law Enforcement to retrieve severe cases of neglect, tracked dogs for hours waiting for them to tire themselves out before she can “catch” them.

D.A.R.T. has since put together a team of dedicated animal loving volunteers, to assist Cheryl-Lyn in raising funds, securing foster homes, doing marketing, networking and sharing with all other animal rescue organisations, and working around the clock to support animals in distress. The Trustees Team oversees the financials, arranges meetings and fund raising, manages the face book page and volunteers team and is Cheryl-Lyn’s general support in any event. The trustee’s team have also undergone 1st Aid for Dogs Training up to level 3, in order to be able to support and serve as back up for Cheryl-Lyn in rescues and emergencies.

Daisy Animal Rescue Trust Pet Rescue and Adoption
Daisy Animal Rescue Trust Pet Rescue and Adoption

Cheryl-Lyn D.A.R.T. also educates the young on animal care, at schools, as well as whole families in our communities during her travels through our neighbourhoods and informal settlements. D.A.R.T. not only operates in the Table View area, but the entire Western Cape, up the West Coast as well as the Northern and Southern suburbs and Cape Peninsula.

D.A.R.T is in desperate need of financial support, not only to pay vet bills, but to put petrol in our rescue car, purchase airtime for the mobile phone and to pay the general assistant who takes care of the rescued animals while Cheryl- Lyn is on the road. We are also in desperate need of a light delivery vehicle (bakkie) for transporting of our animals. Cheryl-Lyn has been using her small private hatchback vehicle for the transportation of rescued as well as deceased animals. The vehicle offers no protection for the driver or in the event of more than one animal being transported, the animals and driver.

Cheryl-Lyn and D.A.R.T’S biggest dream is to open a rehabilitation centre for recued, abused and neglected animals. None such rehabilitation centre exists in the greater Western Cape Area, which we serve. We find that the financial load is becoming more intense as we are called upon more often to assist with cases of abuse and neglect.

D.A.R.T, (Cheryl-Lyn) is also the proud recipient of many “outstanding community service awards” from the City of Cape Town.

Cheryl-Lyn has a huge following of members of the community who all wish more could be done to assist financially.

We are so grateful for any assistance offered to us and hope with all our heart that we will receive your favourable consideration.